We are delighted you are considering applying to a Lethbridge College program. To ensure you are aware of the application and admission processes, please read through the information below.

General Information

Applicant: An individual who has applied to a Lethbridge College program.

Student: An applicant who has accepted their Offer of Admission and paid the associated tuition deposit.

Full-Time Status: During the Fall (September to December), Winter (January to April) and Spring Long (May to August) terms, you must be registered in at least nine credits to have full-time status.

During the Summer (July to August) and Spring Short (May to June) terms, you must be registered in at least 4.5 credits to be full-time status.

Part-Time Status: Any credit load below the threshold of full-time status studies.  Please note if you are funded, an athlete on a Kodiak team or attending on a study visa, you must maintain a full-time status.

Open Studies: Applicants interested in enrolling in credit courses outside of a designated program of study may choose to enroll as an Open Studies student.

Admission Process: Applications to Lethbridge College programs are generally processed on a first-qualified, first-served basis; however, some programs may use a competitive selection process and limit applications. Programs that use a competitive selection process will have this identified on their program page.

Computer Skills: Basic computer skills using the internet, e-mail, and word processing are recommended in order for students to be successful. Students lacking these skills are strongly urged to complete a basic computer literacy course prior to entering their program..

Application for Admission

Lethbridge College is a participating institution of the Alberta Post-secondary Application System (ApplyAlberta). ApplyAlberta provides individuals with the opportunity to authorize transfer of Alberta high school and/or post-secondary transcripts between participating institutions. For more information about ApplyAlberta, please visit

Apply Online: You can apply online by going to A $100 CAD non-refundable, non-transferable processing fee must accompany your application. When applying online, you can use your VISA or Mastercard on our secure site.

Changing Programs: Applicants are given one (1) opportunity to move their application, for the same term, from one program to a different program by completing a Change of Program form prior to the application deadline - with no additional application processing fee. Current students wishing to change programs for a future term may do so by completing a Change of Program form.

Return to Program:  Applicants returning to their program after an absence of one (1) term [or two (2) consecutive terms when one (1) of the terms includes the spring/summer term] can complete a Return to Program form prior to the application deadline - with no additional application processing fee.  Applicants last academic standing must be With Great Distinction, With Distinction, Honours, Good or Probationary in order to use this form.  Applicants who withdrew in their last term of attendance must apply through ApplyAlberta and pay the application processing fee.

Application Dates

Opening and closing dates for domestic and international applications are outlined in the Academic Schedule at the front of the Lethbridge College calendar and online at Since some programs have limited enrolment, we recommend applying early.

Admission Appeal Procedure

Applicants have the right to fair and equitable process for resolving matters that affect their admission to Lethbridge College when admission has been denied based on the following policy statement below. Only an admission decision based on the following Policy Statement may be appealed to the Appeal Committee:

Lethbridge College reserves the right to refuse admission to an applicant who may constitute a threat or risk of threat to college employees, students, property, or to individuals from the wider community to access Lethbridge College services and properties.

The following Appeal procedure outlines the process an individual is required to follow in the event that he or she believes that the admission decision should be re-evaluated.

1. General Procedure

a) A dispute should be resolved at the earliest step possible.

b) The process will be supported via an appropriate technology/media for individuals who do not attend the Lethbridge campus.  The individual may request to be accompanied by someone from a college department such as Accessibility Services, Counseling Services, Academic Advising, a member of the Lethbridge College Students' Association, or any other individual of their choice.  However, the Appeal Procedure is an internal review process of Lethbridge College and therefore legal counsel is not allowed to attend meetings that are held during any step of the process.

c) All relevant documentation pertaining to this process shall, upon request, be made available to both parties.  The individual is advised that those involved in the process are governed by existing Lethbridge College policies and procedures governing confidentiality.

2. Appeal Process

Step 1:  Review by the Registrar

The individual may submit a written petition (letter) to the Registrar asking for reconsideration of the admission application.  The Registrar's office will contact the individual to arrange a meeting where the petition will be discussed.

Step 2:  Submission to the Appeal Committee

If the above fails to resolve the issue, the applicant may request a formal hearing by the Appeal Committee by delivering the Appeal form to the Registrar's Office a  minimum two (2) weeks prior to the start of the term.

It is the responsibility of the Registrar to convene the Appeal Committee and will advise the Program Dean that the individual has submitted an appeal.

The official record of the final decision of the Appeal Committee shall be issued to the Registrar and will include:

a) the decision related to the admission status, and

b) the rationale for the decision.

The Registrar will provide a written statement of the Committee's decision including the rationale, to the student and the Dean.

If the student appeal is successful, the Registrar's Office will proceed with the Admissions process.  After the decision is rendered, documents related to the appeal will all be return to the Chairperson who is responsible for appropriate handling.

The official record will contain the final decision of the Appeal Committee as well as the Appeal form.  All official records will be held in accordance with the Records Management Policy.


Registration is the process by which you select or are enrolled in the course or courses required to complete your program of study at Lethbridge College. Registration occurs after confirmation of the Offer of Admission.

Information regarding registration will be e-mailed to your Lethbridge College email. You are encouraged to monitor your College e-mail account for possible updates and to review your Program Evaluation through Self Service to track your program completion requirements.

Your acceptance of our offer assumes that you are bound by the rules and regulations of the College and that you and/or sponsoring agency agree to be responsible for the fees associated with registration as of the acceptance date.

Please ensure you are registered prior to the term start date by accessing your schedule through Self Service. (Refer to the Academic Schedule on Page 3 of the calendar for term start dates.)


Policies are a guide to organizational operation and behavior. Members of the Lethbridge College community are governed by policies that are consistent with College values. It is the responsibility of students to be aware of, and comply with, all relevant policies. Full policy information is available on our website: The majority of policies relevant to students are listed under the categories - Academic Programming & Instructional and Student Services & Support. Other relevant polices such as Parking & Traffic Management are included in the additional categories. If you have any questions, send us an email at