Plant Science (PLT)

PLT-1152  Introduction to Botany  (3 Credits)  

An introduction to plant evolution and diversity with a focus on angiosperms (flowering plants). Emphasis is on plant anatomy, physiology and the effects of abiotic and biotic factors on plant growth and development.

Instruction (2.0), Lab (2.0)

Equivalent to PLT-152.

Requisite courses: Take PLT-1152L (Required, Concurrent).

PLT-1155  Pasture and Forage Production  (3 Credits)  

A comprehensive introduction to the production and management of pasture and forage crops in Western Canada. Topics include principles of matching forage quality to animal needs under sustainable management. Plant morphology and physiology, palatability, nutrient content, grazing pressure, fertilizer requirements and stocking rate predictions based on pasture quality, animal type and soil climatic zone are discussed.

Instruction (3.0), Lab (2.0)

Equivalent to PLT-155, PLT-150.

Requisite courses: Take BIO-1167 (Required, Previous). Take PLT-1155L (Required, Concurrent).

PLT-2253  Integrated Pest Management I  (3 Credits)  

An introduction to integrated pest management in Western Canada with a focus on identification of weeds, insects and pathogens, as well as combining biological, mechanical and chemical control methods.

Instruction (3.0), Lab (2.0)

Equivalent to PLT-2261, PLT-261, AGR-271.

Requisite courses: Take BIO-1167; (Required, Previous). Take PLT-2253L (Required, Concurrent).

PLT-2254  Integrated Pest Management II  (3 Credits)  

An introduction to pest interactions with agriculture systems in Western Canada. Topics include insect physiology and classification with a focus on integrated pest management.

Instruction (3.0), Lab (2.0)

Requisite courses: Take BIO-1167 (Required, Previous). Take PLT-2254L (Required, Concurrent).

PLT-2260  Special Crops  (3 Credits)  

A study of crop plant physiology, growth and development, pest control, harvest, and storage. End uses and market value of potatoes, sugar beets, field peas, chickpeas, lentils, beans, fababeans, and other special crops grown in Alberta are examined. A feasibility study on the diversity of special crops will explore the possibility of introducing or increasing production and use in western Canada.

Instruction (3.0), Lab (2.0)

Equivalent to PLT-260.

Requisite courses: Take BIO-1167 (Required, Previous). Take PLT-2260L (Required, Concurrent).

PLT-2262  Field Crops  (3 Credits)  

An examination of cultural practices for cereal and oilseed crop production, including improved varieties and hybrids common to Western Canada. Topics include plant description, crop staging, seeding strategies, fertilizer requirements, integrated pest management, harvest, storage, crop grading, quality, market and possible end uses.

Instruction (3.0), Lab (2.0)

Equivalent to PLT-262, AGR-278.

Requisite courses: Take BIO-1167 (Required, Previous). Take PLT-2262L (Required, Concurrent).

PLT-2264  Greenhouse Management  (3 Credits)  

Introductory horticulture and greenhouse management with a focus on vegetable, fruit production and novel crops including the incorporation of aquaponics.

Instruction (3.0), Lab (2.0)

Equivalent to AGR-2263.

Requisite courses: Take BIO-1167 (Required, Previous). Take PLT-2264L (Required, Concurrent).

PLT-3350  Plant Physiology  (3 Credits)  

A study of the underlying physiological mechanisms involved in crop responses at different stages of plant development. Dormancy, germination, vegetative development, reproduction and senescence are related to plant hormones and biochemical changes at the cellular level. Physiological responses to abiotic and biotic stresses such as water, temperatuare, salinity, nutrients, diseases and pests are also explained.

Instruction (3.0), Lab (2.0)

Requisite courses: Take BIO-1167 (Required, Previous). Take PLT-3350L (Required, Concurrent).

PLT-3351  Plant Pathology  (3 Credits)  

A summary of common agricultural plant pathogens and diseases with a focus on their causes, symptoms, transmission, control and economic impact.

Instruction (3.0), Lab (2.0)

Requisite courses: Take BIO-1167 (Required, Previous). Take PLT-3351L (Required, Concurrent).