Organizational Behavior (ORG)

ORG-1148  Office Dynamics  (3 Credits)  

A thorough exposure to the principles and practices related to making a positive contribution to an organization. Includes development of team-work skills, problem-solving and conflict resolution. Includes exposure to the qualities needed to be effective administrative professionals, and understanding of their role in the organization.

Instruction (3.0)

Equivalent to ORG-148.

ORG-2254  Public Relations  (3 Credits)  

This course deals with the development and delivery of an effective public relations strategy for an organization. The course addresses the development and maintenance of public support. Specific topics include reputation building, strategies, key publics, advertising, media relations, handling of complaints, public designation, developing news releases, and use of audio-visual equipment. Please note: This course is intended for students in the Recreation Facility Operations and Recreation Management programs.

Instruction (3.0)

Equivalent to ORG-254.