Irrigation (IRR)

IRR-1152  Introduction to Irrigation  (3 Credits)  

This course provides an overview of irrigated agriculture in Western Canada. The importance of irrigation, with particular emphasis on the Alberta economy, will be examined. Topics will include the role of government in irrigation funding, water storage and distribution in Alberta, and water resource issues including tenure and resource allocation. Interprovincial and international water rights will also be studied. A variety of irrigation systems will also be introduced.

Instruction (3)

Equivalent to AGR-1171, IRR-152, AGR-193.

IRR-2252  Irrigation Systems  (3 Credits)  

A comparison of the operation, maintenance, and design of common irrigation systems including soil water balance and irrigation scheduling.

Instruction (3.0), Lab (2.0)

Equivalent to IRR-252.

Requisite courses: Take SOL-1150 (Required, Previous). Take BIO-1167; (Required, Previous). Take IRR-2252L (Required, Concurrent).

IRR-3350  Irrigation Management  (3 Credits)  

An explanation of irrigation management including monitoring, system design, response to variable water requirements and maximizing sustainable profitability.

Instruction (3.0), Lab (2.0)

Requisite courses: Take IRR-2252 (Required, Previous). Take IRR-3350L (Required, Concurrent).

IRR-4450  Irrigation Technology  (3 Credits)  

A study of current precision agriculture irrigation equipment technology, its function and maintenance, potential, and application in providing agronomic recommendations.

Instruction (3.0), Lab (2.0)

Requisite courses: Take AGS-3385 (Required, Previous). Take IRR-3350 (Required, Previous). Take IRR-4450L (Required, Concurrent).