Central Sterile (CSP)

CSP-1142  MDR Practicum  (6 Credits)  

This ten-week, full-time practicum (400 hours) provides the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills in the Central Sterile Processing Department, Surgical Suite and Day Procedures. This preceptorship is offered at Chinook Regional Hospital or an alternate, program approved medical facility. Emphasis is placed on developing skills to safely perform decontamination, assembly, function testing, care, handling and sterilization of surgical instruments and equipment. Not available for supplemental. Graded: CR/NCR.

Work Integrated Learning (6)

Equivalent to CSP-1142W.

Requisite courses: Take BIO-1162 (Required, Previous). Take COM-1162 (Required, Previous). Take CPU-1151 (Required, Previous). Take CSP-1150 (Required, Previous). Take CSP-1160 (Required, Previous). Take ENG-1154 (Required, Previous).

CSP-1150  Medical Terminology/Anatomy and Physiology  (3 Credits)  

This course covers the study of prefixes, suffixes and word roots from which most medical terms are derived, taught in combination with anatomy and physiology, to understand the structure and function of organs and systems in the human body. This course is not subject to supplemental.

Instruction (3)

Equivalent to CSP-150.

CSP-1160  Practices Surgical Instrument Processing  (6 Credits)  

This course equips students with a thorough knowledge of the complexities, precautions, and techniques associated with microbiology, infection control, disinfection, and sterilization technology. Students will develop the skills necessary to perform the technical functions related to the care, handling, disassembly, and assembly of medical equipment and surgical instruments. This course is not subject to supplemental.

Instruction (6)

Equivalent to CSP-160.