Agricultural Heavy Duty Mechanics (AHM)

AHM-1124  Suspension and Brakes  (6 Credits)  

A study of frame types, suspension types, truck and trailer inspections, hydraulic and air brake operation, and repair procedures. Not available for supplemental.

Instruction (5.0), Lab (6.0)

Equivalent to AHM-124.

Requisite courses: Take AHM-1124L (Required, Concurrent).

AHM-1126  Safety and Hand Skills  (3 Credits)  

This course is an introduction to shop practice utilizing safe working habits. It covers shop safety related to hand tools, power tools, fires, welding, WHMIS, wire rope, and other related hazards. Skills such as flaring, soldering, drilling, threading, filing, measuring and related projects are taught, as well as oxy-acetylene heating and cutting, MIG and arc welding.

Instruction (3.0), Lab (3.0)

Equivalent to AHM-126.

Requisite courses: Take AHM-1126L (Required, Concurrent).

AHM-1127  Power Trains  (6 Credits)  

This course covers the theory of operation and repair of clutches, transmissions, rear axle assemblies and final drives. Hands-on experience with each component will be provided.

Instruction (4.0), Lab (5.0)

Equivalent to AHM-127.

Requisite courses: Take AHM-1127L (Required, Concurrent).

AHM-1129  Farm and Industrial Equipment  (3 Credits)  

This course is a study of the operation and adjustment of farm and industrial equipment. The theories of bearings, seals, belts and chains are an integral part of the course. Also covered will be maintenance in the following areas: engines, power trains, fuel systems, engine oil systems, engine coolant systems, electrical systems and hydraulic systems.

Instruction (2.0), Lab (2.0)

Equivalent to AHM-129, AHM-128.

Requisite courses: Take AHM-1129L (Required, Concurrent).

AHM-1130  Electrical and Electronics  (6 Credits)  

This course covers the study of basic electrical and electronic circuits, the operation and repair of starters and alternators and the test equipment used in the repair of mobile equipment.

Instruction (4.0), Lab (4.0)

Equivalent to AHM-130, AHM-133.

Requisite courses: Take AHM-1130L (Required, Concurrent).

AHM-1131  Diesel Engines  (6 Credits)  

This course covers the study of two- and four- stroke gas and diesel engine design and related engine components. Engine systems such as induction, lubrication, cooling, exhaust, starting and emissions are included. The lab consists of overhaul procedures on diesel engines.

Instruction (4.0), Lab (6.0)

Equivalent to AHM-131.

Requisite courses: Take AHM-1131L (Required, Concurrent).

AHM-1132  Diesel Fuel Systems  (6 Credits)  

This course covers the study of diesel fuel systems and their components. Engine tune-up, engine dynamometer testing, and fuel system diagnostics will be included in the lab component.

Instruction (4.0), Lab (3.0)

Equivalent to AHM-132.

Requisite courses: Take AHM-1132L (Required, Concurrent).

AHM-1135  Mobile Hydraulics  (3 Credits)  

This course covers the study of hydraulic fundamentals, open and closed centre systems, pumps, actuators, hoses, couplings, valves, motors, oils and test equipment.

Instruction (2.0), Lab (3.0)

Equivalent to AHM-135, AHM-134.

Requisite courses: Take AHM-1135L (Required, Concurrent).